What is technology and do we need it?

Technology (from the Greek word "tékhnē" meaning "art, craft" and "logia" meaning "study, knowledge", thus "skilled craft") is the application of scientific knowledge to solve problems or achieve tasks. To another extent, it refers to produce derived from such practices. A more correct way of using the word "technology" is referring to the means, such as "having the technology to achieve something", or an application from a result of scientific craft or engineering such as "LCD is a vastly different technology than CRT in television displays". However it (or "tech") is now often used informally to refer to various kinds of modern electrical items, especially involving computers.

Humans have been developing technology ever since the discovery of the uses of confined fire and how to create it, as well as various tools through the ages. We do by and large need even the most rudimentary technology and have done for aeons. While some applications are extremely dangerous and unhealthy while others are lifesavers, technology by itself is neither "good" nor "bad" - it's how it's used for what. In the wrong hands, the best applications can be harmful, while some of the most dangerous has its benefits in some exceptional circumstances.

ICT related "modern technology" seems to be the most distinct and one of the fastest growing fields, which has been rapidly taken up in the lives of many of us. But it's important to remember that these devices and methods in fact rely and are built on many different kinds of technologies, much of which has been around longer than most know. One should also remember that none of this was made overnight, none was all made by one person or organisation and none was compulsory - instead the main reason why computerised devices and the internet is so rampant is because we, as consumers, by-and-large paid for it and created demand. These successful or popular devices, programs, systems, etc became more efficient, affordable and capable as our consumption drove the incentive for and funded research and development - the latter two is also part of the realm of "technology". Some tech developments were funded or aided by governments or government managed institutions, in order such as to boost and secure the economy.

So technology is where engineering and science meet and we almost do need it, even though most can survive without it (or its products) for a while. However to "survive" is not the same as to "thrive".

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